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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

So I have a friend round for dinner this evening and trully I do not know what to cook. The idea behind a friend coming round is really so I can brag about 'how well i'm doing'. Which is quite amusing. I have recently taken up a post at a local High School as a Chemistry teacher and I am discovering that it is certainly no easy feat. I come from Stockport and my friend who is coming today is coming to view our new home. 'Our' being myself and the life partner. I haven't seen her since the new boyf and I moved in and well its my chance to say here is my house and more importantly this is what i've cooked.

Lets actually get back to what to cook. I always think that something like a roast dinner or something where the guest can help themself is the best option. However, it might be better to serve something more inspiring and exciting. It got me thinking about the extreme dinner parties people must throw and the variety of options people might have. My opinion is that something like a guest coming over or a dinner party should be a relaxed affair where you, the cook, has the opportunity to treat your guests to an enjoyable experience. It is not to unfluence with your foodie ways or encourage them to change to your way of eating but gives a small window of opportunity where someone can take the stage and in doing so enjoy themselves immensely.

I have definitely has plenty of fun whilst entertaining friends with food. Something like a leg of lamb with rosemary potatoes or a really lovely and fresh pasta meal can make as big an impression as something like a truffle infused, venison tartared, micro salad sprinkled and scallop foam covered meal. Which will cause you so much stress and heartache that the only aromas your guests will smell will be the BO escaping from your armpits.

So I know what I'll do and it will be the chicken recipe from earlier in the blog. Tried, tested and absolutely bloody lovely.

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