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Sunday, 4 October 2009

First Post

Well finally I am able to write about my latest foodie escapades after what seems like an age. Having already written one on another website I found that this blog has disappeared but never fear I have started this one.

To get introductions done with then I'm hels, a twenty two year old food fanatic and having felt like writing about food for a while I thought this might be the way forward. Whether anybody reads it or not is another matter of course.

I am going to attempt to become a better foodie and I wish to do this through cooking, baking and living with food. I already enjoy the many highlights that being a foodie can bring including cellulite and excess weight around the middle!! But recently I have found that I have more time- outside my not so busy schedule of teaching Chemistry to really find out more about my favourite topic.

Hopefully I'll discover more foods over the next few months that further sparks my interest in what is a fascinating and complex world.

Tonight starts with Roast Loin of Pork and I hope to make a lovely gravy with my homemade chicken stock. Which I think will work although I'm not entirely sure whether it will stand up to the flavour of the meat. I have some excess fat which I intend to make crackling with although, having never made crackling before it should be interesting. Here goes!!

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