This is a diary of what I cook and what I eat.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

The world is your Oyster, Sydney was mine

It has been a really long time since I started blogging and I have to remain positive that inevitably someone will read what I write and like it. This is the hope!

I will therefore continue to record my thoughts and feelings with regards to my foodie travels. Most recently being Sydney. So today I talk about Sydney. Well notably one particular aspect of the Sydney food scene: seafood, seafood and yes, more seafood!

I have to admit the sad fact that I have yet to sample an oyster, that it until I visited a delightful little restaurant on the Sydney Darling Harbour call 'Ice Cube'. Dressed in pancetta and leek and gently baked in an oven it was hardly jumping in with both feet first but nevertheless I was sampling what can be a dangerous food to try. Oysters, from my recent research, have to be fresher than fresh and by that I mean retrieved recently and not left to wait around.

I took a look at Global Gourmet for reference,

My opinion on Oysters hasn't changed in that I always thought of them as fancy looking snot which many people believe to be a luxury item without an ounce of cooking/food knowledge and merely think this because they have a reputation as a luxury item. I also have always thought of them as being insignificant to my day to day cooking and experimentation. I now believe the same to be true but I can now see their appeal to others. Its in the eating and the action of the eating that brings the overall enjoyment. Its an experience and one which quite frankly I think I might have again but I can't really say why.