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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Roast Loin of Pork

Well I started my new foodie efforts with a fantastic traditional pork loin roast on Sunday. I had never cooked pork before but honestly it was melt in your mouth stuff. Trully tasty meat and very crispy crackling. I used plenty of sea salt and chopped some whole bulbs of garlic and used them as a base- underneath the loin.
I had already made some stock fresh and then used this with some light australian wine to make a jus. I can still taste the flavours of the meat and when I had it for my lunch on Monday it was even better.

The crucial taste test from my significant other was less than impressive and to be fair its not really his fault being what I call taste challenged. His favourite food is chicken, no actually his only food is chicken. Chicken in breadcrumbs in particular is like a religion for him so he was kind of less impressed by the pork and more impressed by my mother's chocolate cake for afters.

Never mind.

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