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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Easy Lasagne

I blogged a while back about making the perfect bolognaise recipe and I have used it again here in lasagne.  I made a really simple, and I think more traditional, Italian Lasagne.  Any lasagne I've eaten in Italy has been relatively firm and thick in its texture and this is what I hoped to re-create.  I cannot stand sludgy, over sauced mess and very often lasagne in restaurants resembles this very thing. 

I serve mine with a very simple iceberg lettuce salad because, quite frankly, that's what my mum used to do.

Serves 4 or 3 greedy people

1 batch of bolognaise recipe

10 lasagne sheets
1 pint of milk
1 tbsp plain flour
1tbsp butter
cracked black pepper, lots of it
large handful of Parmesan
large handful of mozzarella

1. Heat the bolognaise sauce in a pan if it not already hot.  Spread little spoons of this underneath your first two sheets and then continue to layer up with small spoonfuls of sauce with pasta sheets in between.  Making two nice stacks side by side in a large ovenproof dish.  Ensure there is about an inch in between the two and a nice bit  space around the pasta.

2. Pour the white sauce over the top when this is done (made melting the butter over a gentle heat and adding the flour until a smooth paste and then adding the milk bit by bit, incorporate all of the cheese bar a little handful of the Parmesan- reserve this for later)

3.  Add loads of black pepper and sprinkle the Parmesan cheese.  Place in an oven at 160/gas mark 4 for thirty five minutes or until the lasgane feels soft with a knife and the top is lovely and brown.


  1. wow, sounds great, nothing better than a proper lasagne... second picture looks great, first pic not so great (i'm being polite)... one of the best bits of advice my blogger friends told me was that improving my photography would improve my whole blogging experience, so I got myself a good quality second hand camera and I think my current pics are so much better than the first lot. Without being able to smell the food it really helps people get a sense of how yummy the food was... sounds like i'm lecturing you but I'm just offering a bit of friendly chat x

  2. Hmmmm no thats great I know I need to sort that out! Just need to sort some things out before I can warrant buying one. But its on the list.

  3. what a perfect meal for guests!