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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Stuffing: Cavity or no cavity- that is my question!

On making my chicken dinner today, based on Heston Blumenthal's four step process as demonstrated yesterday on saturday kitchen. I made some yummy stuffing but approached the question in my mind. Do we stuff in the cavity or not. I decided to approach this dilema through the medium of two lists. A pro list and a con list. This is sad foodie action at its best.

Pro to stuffing cavity:
1. saves on washing up
2. Can give the chicken the aroma from the stuffing
3. Cooks really well alongside the chicken and remains moist and flavoursome

Cons to stuffing cavity:
1. Messy to stuff
2. Slows down cooking time signficantly
3. Does not allow you to shape them and create a lovely crust on the outside

I didn't stuff my cavity and I reckon it was a good decision especially since the Heston recipe requires 41/2 hours cooking without stuffing as it is cooked at 60 degrees. The link to watch it is below:

I hope I return this week with some more lists!

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