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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Red wine risotto- colour and class

Its definitely, officially, totally my favourite thing to eat and probably the best thing to cook, if only for the creative possibilities available. I'm talking about risotto. The Italian dream that us English butcher and ruin to create a thick, clingy, rice pudding- esk mess.
I usually go with my mother's recipe. Some white onion, softened in a pan and then rice is added alongside a glass of vermouth. Then I ladle my chicken stock gently spoon by spoon. Usually it is cooked for twenty to thirty minutes and then I add a handful of parmesan cheese and ket it rest.
This week I had no Vermouth and went for a rich and smoky shiraz as an alternative and the results quite frankly were outstanding. It was able to stand up to the strength of my mushrooms and create an aroma that helped to enhance the flavour in the cheese. Top marks for the red wine risotto. In addition to this is enhanced the richness in the colour which is always a winner.

So next time you are thinking about your risotto, reach for your red wine for a change, you might enjoy the results.

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